"I cannot Teach Anybody Anything. I can only Make them Think"

- Socrates

Teacher is a Permanent Student


Testimonials 1

Dr. Manjunath R Kounte / Associate Professor/ REVA University

It's a really challenging to write testimony of a person who is closely associated with you since past 15 years, let me dare to write in few sentences. "Dr. Riyaz has been a truly wonderful person throughout his life. I have seen him grow as a college student to entrepreneur, great teacher, philosopher, counsellor, academician, and researcher who has inspired the thousands of students to lead a successful life. This apart from being a Honorable son, wonderful brother, a caring Uncle to his nephew n neice, a loving husband, role model to his daughter n son, go to man for colleagues, and a ever dependable friend". One thing that truly separates him from the crowd is risk taking abilities, taking responsibility of the situations and a great visionary I wish him to achieve greater heights in both professional n personal life and In coming years, I hope to see him getting highest civilian honor from govt of India.

Testimonials 1

Mohammed Nisar Baig / Assistant system Engineer / Tata Consultancy Services Limited

There are very few people who practice what they say and Dr.Riyaz is one among them. He leads his students by example. In a world where seemingly every piece of information can be Googled, there is still some knowledge that can only be gained through experience and that is what I have learnt from him. The best part of our relationship is the fact that I have gained a trustworthy supporter, a confidant, an advocate and an ally.

Testimonials 2

Veeranath Srikar / Lead Test Engineer / STERIS , New York , USA

Dr.Riyaz Sir is very passionate about teaching and he is young and cool (if that helps!) and excellent at explaining and laying out ideas.Is able to teach in a very linear fashion which results in great notes and understanding. Clearly puts great effort into his teaching and really wants each student to learn.He was ridiculously available, anytime I needed to meet with him even outside office hours.
Like me, you probably heard bizarre phrases that were meant to teach and inspire you; and even if you didn’t quite get the meaning at the time, years later you did. For me it was, “”But you can wake a man only if he is really asleep. No effort that you make will produce any effect upon him if he is merely pretending sleep.“!”
Five years after graduation, I still hear his words in my ear as I look for that surprising element at the turn of every page of my life. Without a doubt, Professor Dr.Riyaz left us with wonderful memories of our years in graduate school, and with his blessing we left to continue searching for our own voice.

Testimonials 3

Fiona D'Selva / MCA Student / St John's College of Engineering, Mangalore

Dr. Riyaz treats everyone as a friend and not just as a student. He is nice and friendly facilitator who has been very understanding towards us, instead of the usual strict or serious ones who only add on to the dullness of the lesson. He inspires his student to work harder. He guides us steadily and corrects our mistakes frankly. He believes in upholding fairness and thus he allows each student to voice out ideas confidently. He approaches our ideas in a different way. He often encourages us to think of ways to solve a problem. His cheery character makes us feel at ease and we find that we can do our work in a more cheerful manner.. I’d like to take this chance to thank you for being such a remarkable person.

Testimonials 4

Abdul Haq / Asst professor / REVA University

Dr.Riyaz is a systematic and well organized person. He inspires and motivates students/Juniors to envision their aim which enables them to work in right way with great spirit. He is enthusiastic and detailed to help the needy.A real Pearson as a brand. I feel lucky to work him.

Testimonials 5

Pranaya Y C / Software Trainee / KPIT

Sir i know you more than 2 years, and you always been great inspiration to me,you motivated,supported and thaught me many things to deal with life and how to look ahead.your the best example of a true teacher I ever seen through my journey.

Testimonials 6

Deepak V Kulkarni / Staff SW QA(Engr) / Infinera India Pvt limited

Riyaz sir, as he is fondly called by his students, is truly a thinking man's ideal mate, a mentor, guru, an innovator par excellence, an eloquent speaker, motivator, a professor bubbling with ideas. He can connect instantly with the surrounding and situation, analyze and advise in no time. Highly energetic, passionate and humble, qualities that are rare to find in this age. There are very few individuals who like what they do, but Dr Riyaz loves what he does, evidently keen to give his best at every instance. I have personally gained from the association with a genuine human being, his methodical way of approach has left me spellbound. His life lessons, dished out from his experiences have benefited all of us immensely.
Not only technical stuff, our professor can dig up poems, vachanas or even anecdotes from his repertoire. It is an enriching experience to have worked with him as a contemporary in academics and off it. I'm sure that the student community, the university and the society as a whole will unearth gems from this treasure trove called Dr Riyaz. Good luck sir!!

Testimonials 7

Abhinandan A J / B.Tech Student / REVA University, Bangalore

Imagine an experienced mind, add some pure poetic heart, now add few tones of humbleness. Now that's Dr. Mohammad Riyaz Ahmed. To sum up simply. He is perfect blend of Kalam's knowledge, Sadguru's philosophy, vivekananda's character, Bendre's simplicity and his own way of looking at this world. There will be only few men who will have the guts to be cool in all situations. Certainly he is one such man. He is not just a teacher who is limited to classroom but he is a "GURU" who teaches the way to live. "Your life depends on the way you look towards this world" he says. Not to just exaggerate but to mansion the fact, He is the only man that i have seen in my life who spends more time with students instead of his own family. Being a father of two little gems you can just imagine how hard it can be. But he has a way of managing everything. I am blessed to have a guru like him. All the midnight discussions, heated debates, inspiring talks and finally the cool attitude- I love them."He just doesn't teach you some difficult topic from a textbook. At the end of the day he ends up teaching you the way to live life and the worst part is as soon as you realize that you are getting inspired and you want more of it, the bell rings!!! and there he goes... On his own way to inspire some other confused mind sitting somewhere at the corner of the class!!"

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