Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Science, HEVC


Can machines be intelligent? According to Alan Turing, a machine is said to be intelligent if a machine is capable of fooling an interrogator1, by providing the same answers what a human might, i.e. if it can exhibit human-level performance in all cognitive tasks.

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a domain of Science and Technology which deals with developing systems and software to exhibit human behaviour in a circumstance. It tries to mimic human and formulate a theory of intelligence, so as to learn the rules of its environment and respond accordingly. Past AI refers to GOFAI (”Good Old-Fashioned Artificial Intelligence”), where we ran millions of lines of propositions (or millions of lines of code). In recent years we have realised that the old ”AI” is nothing but advanced programming tricks. Though a programmer provides all the intelligence to a system by coding it in as a World Model, the system is not going to be artificially intelligent. It’s ”just a sophisticated Program”.